LG Cinema 3D Smart TV

I haven't been disconnected from TV (literally) for almost a year, after I sent my CRT TV back to my hometown. My mum had problem with her TV so I gave her mine.

After a year, I signed up for a fibre optic home broadband so now I look around for a "smart TV". I came across to LG's Cinema 3D Smart TV, which is super cool. After I looked at the features and specifications, what I can say it is really cutting edge technology with what you called it "broadband TV". You can access Google services, Youtube for example, Picasa and even Twitter!

The remote control also has "gesture" support, which means you can use it as if it is a "computer mouse". Cool ha?

Also, it supports content sharing from tablet, smartphones - I believe this is what DLNA technology offers.

Experience with TVs now never be the same, almost what happened to mobile phones when it now called as "smartphones" :)

I believe you will feel the same after you look the following info:


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