Nepenthes: I am correct?

I looked at the services on my Ubuntu 6.10, running Nepenthes 0.17...
Nmap'ed my machine and...

# nmap localhost

Starting Nmap 4.10 ( ) at 2007-03-03 20:25 MYT
Interesting ports on localhost.localdomain (
Not shown: 1655 closed ports
21/tcp open ftp
22/tcp open ssh
25/tcp open smtp
42/tcp open nameserver
80/tcp open http
110/tcp open pop3
135/tcp open msrpc
139/tcp open netbios-ssn
143/tcp open imap
220/tcp open imap3
443/tcp open https
445/tcp open microsoft-ds
465/tcp open smtps
631/tcp open ipp
993/tcp open imaps
995/tcp open pop3s
1023/tcp open netvenuechat
1025/tcp open NFS-or-IIS
2105/tcp open eklogin
3372/tcp open msdtc
5000/tcp open UPnP
10000/tcp open snet-sensor-mgmt
17300/tcp open kuang2

19150/tcp open gkrellmd

Nmap finished: 1 IP address (1 host up) scanned in 0.191 seconds

Seems it runs the Microsoft service already... i'm not sure what i'm going to do next.. tried to go through the docs and seems there a lot of thing i've to understand... looking at the default service of the Nepenthes somehow made me think i've to edit it? The service on port 17300 kuang2.. unlikely to be a known service?


adli said…
Nepenthes emulate a lot of windows based vulnerabilities and therefore it listens to a lot of port. So don't worry.

You can disable some of the in the config file actually.

Hopefully you're running nepenthes on a real network. Otherwise there are not much to see :-). Don't forget to check the logs too. Btw which version of nepenthes are u using?
mnajem said…
nepenthes 0.17 (ubuntu binary)
adli said…
You can get the 0.2 (.deb) here:

The logs are simply better.

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