Speechless are my words

Defining and realizing ambitions need pain. Royal pain. To achieve an ambition we need a sacrifice. Or you'll be the sacrifice lamb for other people's ambitions.

I was from art stream. I was in the way that should shape me to be finance consultant wannabe, or religious teacher(which I was once dreamt to be.lol). But I choose Computer Science instead.

The choice which brings me here. Which saw me staying up late sacrificing my own guts to realized my dream.

One of my dream is to be a competent and reliable computer scientist.

These people are the respected people of their field which I always look into their steps:

1: Anton Chukavin

2: Joanna Rutkowska
3. Andrew S Tanenbaum
4 William Stallings


Wawa said…
i did not choose to be a CS student.

CS chose me.

I am the chosen one.

That's the best way to justify everything i've become today.
mnajem said…
waw,bunyi macam destine to be CS student saja :)
Aminur said…
mnajem, ikut list nama tu ko ni cita2 nak tulis textbook computer science ke? :)
mnajem said…
cita-cita tu ada... but since they(the last two) are really well known people in writing books, I do not know when exactly i've to start one :p
Aminur said…
Hehe Paul Graham la bang .. dia pun ada PhD . Yang lain tu totally text book people hehe anyway good luck with your PhD. Big challenge ahead take it easy :)
mnajem said…
phd tu lambat lagi (at least 2 tahun lagi).-kalau ada rezki+panjang umur
skang ni kasi abis master(fasa siapkan projek)...

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