Batteries Not Included

I parked my car in front of USM CS's school car park. And when I plan to go back for rest, I found out my car battery sucked dry. It was my mistake somehow that the car lamp did not switched off. I phone Reza, my friend, to get me a pair of "car battery jump starter" and do this step:

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Moral: Pastikan tangan anda tidak gabra semacam. Petang semalam jadi. Rupanya malam tadi pun sama jadi jugak kot,sebab pagi tadi terpaksa jump start dengan kawan aku. then aku pi minum lepas boleh start kong balik(tak charge ko?).

For the jump starter it cost me RM20 (around USD5) per pair . Well somehow fazot, as far I know got it less RM5.

Well, I just knew that my 18 months battery has dry out. So I opt to replace a new one since after what happened yesterday, it did happened again TWICE today.

I changed my Century wet batt to Yokohama. It costs me RM140 (around USD45)
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mmm said…
sebol said…
bateri lama jgn buang.
kalau kita keluarkan timah dia, silap2 dpt rm 30 kalau jual kat kedai besi

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