Snort_inline: Compilation Issues

After gave up with Debian since I can't resolve libdnet problem on Debian, I opt to take Fedora Core 6 with reasons:

1-Community driven
2-Less compilation (machine is Pentium 3. I just add up my own 128 SDRAM )
3-Package management

However, I regret that yum slowness which drive me upset. Everything else fine.
Funny stuff: I use Ubuntu on my laptop and when I want to use yum search facility, it leads to

#yum cache search


(apt-cache is for Debian variant which works almost the same with yum search. The command given above mixed)

I saw victor posted something on his blog regarding snort_inline dropped libipq dependecies horror as posted here

I checkout'ed the SVN version, compile it and and succeeded.


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