How to conduct home brew sanity check for your potential supervisor

Memandangkan di zaman gawat ni peluang TA/RA di universiti di US mungkin berkurangan, potensi anda mungkin lebih mudah jika anda datang dengan scholarship (tak semestinya!).

I created my own quotable qoutes ...

"We are just cheap labor, come to you sire at our own disposal"

Ni macam cerita Merlin da... taking all the trouble to become a "Knight" (+low paid, + expecting loyalty much like a dog etc).

Anyway, for security based research, basically what I think of for now, look at reputable conferences such as RAID or NDSS . And see whether or not that particular faculty is among the committees.

In my case, I got several names, but you have to get through the admission process first, since the admission is not being decided by them. This needs you to have a competitive result for GRE and your academic credentials *sob*.

Looking at those names, as you can see, those faculties came from either high tier or middle tier (Tier 1-3) universities.


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