Virginia Commonwealth University

I contacted a Prof in VCU, telling my interest and he did checked my papers, credentials and so. Seems that he interested to take me as his apprentice, given I made through the normal application procedure.

His approach on security is different, since he is also teach computational inteligence subject. Well, I admit, I love to know about machine learning on malware detection - it may suit under his supervision.

It just that I wondering whether KPT/MOHE will allow an admission to this school, it is Tier 3 though.

Also there are professors whom advised me to apply, after I asked them to pre-screen my credentials and paper (reputable schools won't have much time to do this due to competitive admission).

-NC Charlotte - The professor was a Purdue Phd grad
-Missouri Univ of Science and Technology (MUST)- The prof was Ohio State phd grad.

I just stuck now ... well it is my future, so decide!


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