Lightweight Directory Access Protocol
Just having LDAP meetup with one ex-UIA. She was quite helpful anyway,as she did more reading and do focus for her project in this thing. I hope I can concentrate for this thing and done the configuration before Sem 1 start. It seems that there are no wrong with the slapd.conf,but the phpldapadmin's config.php. Okey,it seems I got a lotsof further implementation to be handled.

Books bought
I bought:
1-Marilah Berkenalan dengan al-Quran
2-Himpunan Risalah dalam Beberapa Persoalan Ummah (Jilid 1 and 2)
(I advised you to find it at Pustaka Indonesia or Pustaka Mukmin Jln TAR-you can negotiate the price in the first place).

all those written by Br. Hafiz Firdaus Abdullah, a pilot who flies on many countries and his interest in Islam and learning make us really impressed with his knowledge based on his writings.

It seems right now,Muslim have to fight not only in term of physical threat but also the deviation of Islamic teachings from the Muslims themselves. Plus, the feminism,the urge for liberalism which actually don't have any basis at all. They are fighting for what they believe the ultimate truth which actually satisfiying their own need. Can we describe this as sincere or?


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