Using CentOS

ahah,I should go for jog right now-but it is still raining outside. So, here am I, netting again.
Currently I am still struggling to finish my head's assignment given to me-do the SSO Server. Stucked with the config-which I am sure it is correct-I opt to do a meetup next week on 25th May here.

Hopefully I can figure out what went wrong with the config. Sometimes there gonna be s*lly mistake with it :-)

Previously during my days in the private company, I got a surprise when one of our clients running TaoLinux and Whitebox Linux for their production purposes. When some people regard Redhat as "Better Microsoft than Microsoft",I opt not to deny it.

And here goes,CentOS (always remind me to Kentos, Javanese word for coconut's core) to serve my purpose.

Works like Redhat,bootlike Redhat, but it's free- at no cost. So here goes,my Nagios Network Monitoring Server does it job:


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