The meaning of holiday

While it might seeems odd to you and wondering why I am here during weekend,actually the same question also went to me.
The answer-I don't care :-)

Do the tunneling way!
The best thing about SSH (Secure Shell) is that, it just amazing! I can forwarding my X application from my remote machine, plus today, I am succesfully do the tunneling after I got the shell access from (jazakaLLah to Bro Adli for the name). It seemed hard to get the shell as you have to convince them,why the world you want shell access :-)

here goes:
ssh -fgN2L

so that I can send the SSH login process to back. If the flag is just -L,you will log to the remote machine straight away-I won't .

Finding Books
Tomorrow, my plan is to get this book-

"Himpunan Risalah Beberapa Persoalan Ummah"

It contains writings from big local scholar such as Dr Asri Zainul Abidin, Tok Janggut and others.


Insyirah said…
welcome to Geng Jurnal ;)
mnajem said…
thanks,hopefully my blog will gonna be beneficial :-)

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