Turn 2006..... gosh!

Growing up, means more responsibility+have to be more mature(given your face looks mature and your age number increase at increasing rate). Hope to act childish forever but work environment and people you dealing with not always welcoming that :-)

Actually I got a dream(well, it's always like that when it comes to $$$ sucking stuff) to buy a digital camera. So I jump here.

Asked some friend and my bro, they came out with technical jargon such stabilizer etc. Hem, buying digital camera is also not that easy. I expecting to buy

Got a glimpse on Lumix(panasonic) with Leica Lens. Also got Olympus and Sony pamphlet in my hand. But my bro told me those last two using different memory card unlike Canon(SD card).
-just wondering why should I bother with expensive memory card when it was like one-time expenses?

Or you guys got any suggestion?

I plan to buy a digital camera which can take pix on the run(in moving vehicle for e.g). So do I need SLR lens here? Or just the shutter speed control etc?

If SLR digital camera is the right choice, I have to raise my budget to RM2K,and the digital camera is not compact anymore :p


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