Satria: My Car

At last, my car.

Image hosted by

(the photo,however is not mine ;-) ) .

After struggling with bank and distributer,at last I got my Satria to ride. First trip? My friend's wedding in Ipoh. Even manufactured in 1996, the car seems nice(with minor things to be repair e.g reverse sensor). Second hand car however, have to deal with high interest rate. Thiking to switch to Bank Islam afterwards after looking at their lower rate(of course I have to support Islamic Banking, rite-though with those RM700 millions corruption dodos).


NSX said…
normal la tu, loan utk 2nd mmg tinggi.
k4ml said…
beli keta second ? sama la kita. aku ambik iswara aeroback. still kat bank lagi. tengah tunggu ni.

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