De Kuantan Le Ipoh to Gombak

I was in Kuantan last week for my workplace's promo. With all the gizmos, touchscreen and big bunting (read: barn thing), my collaegues and me spent darn hot weather to entertain visitors. Luckily there was Fazley(Dr), Waheeda and some other artist groups. But I'm not really interested as there are lotsof ppl to be entertained.

Kuantan's Vistana TV also doesn't have much interesting channel. my room doesn't have EPL. sigh. But something interesting was the woman who served our breakfast looks like Fasha Sandha. Really-tall and pretty like her lor(i think she is taller that Fasha Sandha)

Though it was weekend I have to do it coz my boss told it to do so. Then I took 2 days holiday,my mum asked me to accompany her to Ipoh for land name transfer. Lol. So tired lor... have to drive all the way to Ipoh and then last night drive back to KL. Today in office. Got to meet deadline at 3pm. (and here I am, blogging).


kentaki said…
btw its "Dr" Fazley not (Dr) Fazley. His lucky number is :
Lucky SN-3632

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