Dude, get yourself a girlfriend!

Someone was having itch deep in their heart agains l10n team. I met Niibe, he assisted l10n stuff, and he is a kernel hacker. I met and having dine with Maho, Freebsd Ports Comitter and he is very friendly and humble. But dude, this guy is darn better than them!

Wicked wiki

You also can track down these guy's comments:



mypapit said…
aku tgk gak wiki page tu, aku rasa dia mmg dengki tu.
adli said…
It wasn't just the kedidi team, they just couldn't except that the word 'code' was used, because somehow that word belong to them.

Need to keep on working on the ego-system, not just the ecosystem. hehe
1kHz said…
All hail the "p0w3rc0d3r".

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