LUG Meetup: Campus syndrome...

My students already organized a simple meetup last week(more or less). Well, pretty simple with few topics/and even slides prepared by them. Among topics discussed were as follow:

1- Intro to OSS Collab Work by RSH/CVS/SVN -me :p
2- Connecting to Internet with 3G Handset on Linux-student
3- Metasploit-student

the incoming 2nd meetup will be held soon.... i'm happy to see their passionate on the presentations.

Good luck, and may the source be with us.


aizat said…
If your having meetups, can you please post the details ( schedule, time, location )to the my-opensource, and ossig, mailing lists :) This is so that if other people are interested, then can also join in. If you need help with these please do not hesistate to contact me.

Nonetheless good work, cheers.
mnajem said…
ok,no probs bro :-]

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