Ubuntu... my first time :-]

I was assisting my students on LPIC (though I am yet to have one). So after discussing with few colleagues, we agreed to use Ubuntu. The fallacy of assumption was that I am yet to try Ubuntu,lol.

As said by mypapit, the way Ubuntu treat superuser from normal user is by 'sudo su' command. I was trying to install Ubuntu with my students did the same on few Compaq workstations. Hey, I got few problems:

1- The Ubuntu GRUB didn't work well (i put it on MBR). The Compaq PCs keep rebooting(it supposed to be dual boot). So I opt to Fedora afterwards. :-(

2- Ubuntu 'sudo su' command prompted us with "error by hostname ()" , sort of

Did you got any problem with Ubuntu? Please let me know since I will not dealing with any distro that give much headache or time consumption during training session,hehe.

I think better use the original Debian next time, though the installation going to get you more pain.

p/s: Codefest workstations were installed with Ubuntu. I think it's not give much difference in the way it's managing it's apt stuff etc. But I'm yet to get know Ubuntu much.


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