It's so 2000

I bought my first very own desktop PC when I was in my undergrad.. this machine.. still rock on.. doing some funny stuffs. Now part of it already being replaced... new CPU.. new graphic card.. new AC device(I replaced them twice, of course since they're broke already).. and new motherboard(not so new.. I guess it's around 2004). Perhaps the only artifact if I can call them are my Philips 15" monitor and the Low Yat rock solid casing (perhaps, legacy serie).

Well, the other part is my laptop.. that's the other new machine.. just 2 years back(almost) and at that time it wasn't el cheapo you know.. RM4,399 (this including the Shell's Petrol Card cost around RM300 voucher). So it's around RM4,100 (USD1500). Not so cheap at that time as well. The stressed part nowadays with the less costs I can get dual core machine.. LoL.

This old machine now running the Nepenthes sensor.. emulating few virtual nodes.

Next part is my D-Link 5 ports Ethernet switch.. well this gizmo being bought simply because I want to wire more machine (most of the time I do not prefer wireless, since it's always disconnected).


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