Phd Phone Interview

I was interviewed by Dr Maria Papadaki from Plymouth Univ, UK regarding my Phd application. There were several Malaysians, and my officemate is doing her research phd there as well.

It took for about 45 minutes to discuss things related to the research, the process, funding etc. At first I forgot that UK is included in country which uses DST for their time. Somehow the discussion was OK, but of course given the communication distance, there was jitters.

Reminded me to Maxis's ad where people only yelled GOAL after a shortwhile. Same goes .

Hopefully I'll get conditional offer, prior to taking IELTS. Now that I can't confirmed the place, there's possibility of going places taking GRE/TOEFL, though it's tough.

Are you the like of taking *hard* problem as breakfast?


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