Libang-libu (the lemma of choices)

Don't ask me what it meant, it just words that I think it fun to put as my topic today.

I am pretty much snowed under with tremendous workload ... teaching 3 sections with ~120 students, meetings, seminars in the workplace.. and what not. Alas, I'm not forgetting my pursuit for Phd ... despite I'm worrying whether I'm on par with the rest of the CS scientist (wannabe).

Thinking about go to States, looking that_many people from Asia going there, and lotsof them even become the faculty members. Not I'm thinking to become like them(though I admit it is kinda pride working as a faculty member in a place where CS was borned). Now that one thing I don't really like about applying to States is that you_have_to_spend_USDs_for_just_applying.

Unlike applying for .AU, where you just simply go to IDP, and send your letters, etc and *they will take care most of the stuffs for you for FREE*...

If I'm applying for States, means I've to sit down for GRE... and I spend some times to surf to CS dept's overview/requirement... it's very comprehensive in a sense it carefully tells you what to do, what to expect etc. Some CS schools mentioned that if the applicants have deficiencies in some subject, the candidate can take the undergrads subject there... this is awesome. But of course if applying for good school, why they should care teaching more loads if they can have off the shelf, ready to go candidate?


Anonymous said…
I stumbled on your post ( and I hafta say it has been a long while since I last saw those finite state machine diagrams (if that's what you call it). Used to be my favorite subject. Still is, I think. Theory of computing is one great subject.
Joey aka Rizal said…
Bro, it really doesn't matter where you go. I'm sure with your hard work, anywhere you'll go, you will prosper.

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