Saturday, June 24, 2006

Danga Bay, Chevrolet Optra and bio...(eh?)

I thought it was Debian(haha).

My colleague point me to the AirAsia flight turbin and he told me,

"Macam debian punya logo"

I saw a spiral on top the turbin blades. Pretty much like Debian Logo

That's spark me to shoot for a pix. And I was warned by the airport staff. Uh,uh. Flash lamp will spark burst,eh?

I was presented my "mock" research proposal. Suggested "Profiling Bioinformatics Application Behavior on Distributed Computing Architecture". Eh, will this gonna be bioinformatics specific or hardware optimization specific.or?

Flashback: I spent almost a week at the office. When it's Subh azan,went back to my house for bath and pray.
Reading all the journals and papers was not funny,really. Tough eye balls. No world cup. Ewh. And have some VCD lure. Uh,uh. you gonna be kidding.

Anyway, I learned a lot and UTM SLAB Research Course is no joke. Really. My proposal has been corrected with comments so I have to rewrite a bit and resend for my SLAB certificate. You tell me where on M'sia is other university is doing this? So, be serious on your SLAB proposal writings and spent little time suffers for rewrite. (and of course when it's your call for real Masters/Phd-rewrite is a traumatic moment).

Yesterday after the presentation we went out for Danga Bay. (luckily got Chevrolet Optra rented for RM160 a day so we can going out to have lunch. otherwise spent your tense day in the airport,trapped).Eat sweeeeet icecream. Of course not for diabetic person.

Back to KL@10.20pm. Flight delayed. Why AirAsia's flight always delayed-at least for my day,it was twice? Call for flight renewal?

Thursday, June 22, 2006

a walk to remember....


just to write something.. 1st i try to make it in english though seems
poyo. who cares. better than ikan puyu in a sense. ehheheehe...

life a bit(well,a lot) hectic these days... i'm counting my days to
minden. afraid,joy,tired all those feelings mixed. afraid since i
gonna do my masters-and i have to score so that my sureties/guarantors
and of course me will not worry about the scholarship.

tired-since i did slept in office for almost a week.finishing
literature review.bulk of journals printed(almost a stack) to
read.then crunching all the infos to create 20pages of mock research
proposal.jpa need them. utm really serious for this kind of thing.
suffer lor. so if you got chance to go for SLAB soon,think twice or
thrice. you'll go this stage-sleepless nite. ;-)

and AWP muktamar.need to do report. bro hilwani asked for report. but
i can't make this time. because i do all this thing alone. report
financial somehow i also have to do it. Awp meeting also i've to
attend. so i'm a superman.
during this hectic period also have to sell dinner's ticket(rabbani
shows on this saturday's nite at anjung).. so here i am.the superman
come to the rescue.well,to be exact the lonely clark kent without lana

(ticket sent to dr saiful n bro zul,i let them sell since i'm not
meeting people except dumb machines and few technicians.afterwards go
to their house and ask-how many tickets sold? how many left?)

sent all the tickets-got half sold. 20 tickets to be sell,each for
rm70. only half sold. the rest i sent back to sri al huda. try to
smile though i'm really tired.really really tired.

working in parallel. got sleepless nite. so i'm a bit emotionally
unstable.huhu. next week have to go to Regional comp science
conference @ usm...(in a sense i want to survey the place before the
registration day. but i actually can omit this conference and stay at
k-zack's-pepias house-he's working @ intel by the way).sms him="aku
nak lepak rumah ko).

i think i do a mistake by going there since a lot of pre-master work
to be three form to be filled out.stamping here and there.
meet people here and there. but since MY car will go to penang and two
other female staffs desperately ask me to go there(since if by flight
they gonna get transportation problem.hard to get cabs.apalah penang ni).

today,finishing slides for utm.morning flight. restless days... an
initial kickstart! will go to parcel b again,sending all the agreement
letters to jpa.

i told my sister last nite(she's surety/guarantor numero uno
#1).sometimes i felt that it's easier if i go by my own money.and she
said(and i already know)-if you by your own pocket money you've to
work. but for jpa scholarship-your salary and allowance are
running,you got extra study allowance,and your study being
it's a hard start. it means i've to really serious-concentrating. this
stage actually experienced by bro yusri and bro wadi also.. not really
make much difference. except bro wadi going straight for phd after no re-fill of the same stage of burearacy.

enaff said.
walk the talk.


surety #2. i'll meet you today.

Tuesday, June 20, 2006

In God we trust everyone else pays


i just want to put my words here since this mail is silent. so silent
and when i looked into the sky i'm thinking i much like a white
feather being brought by the wind going anywhere without purpose
without sound without interference.


hehe. betrayal is a breach of trust. mangkuk that being brought to
melati's house is a case study. for you for sure. and i don't even
want to remember it as it was a @$$@. really @$@$@. a metamorphosis of
human being to a @$@@$^%$% .or human waste.

don't trust anyone easily. but blood or by money.
but people always asking for money. nak itu nak ini. like we get it
easily celah gigi.

when we helped people,we always thought that we did that for Allah.
what if the people we helped intentionally and emotionally exploited us?

and we helped them with trust?
put trust to trashcan. because trust is no longer exist.

but i need trust to find surety for my study leave. hehe.
at least i need someone else trust.
at least to me.

measuring trust.
how can we trust people.
trust is a gamble
because say a marriage
it is a contract
but there are lots of divorce cases
for the marriage between two people who TRUST each other
end up with contract breach or termination
so trust is a process
process of maintaining trushworthy.

i trust you since i know you for at least 3 years
is it mean you can be trusted for another 20? 10 years?
no assurance.
like i said
trust is a process
much like in computer security
security is a process
eh i forgot
trust also includes security
so security is a subset of trust
that's why we have trusted computing.
hey stop,you talking weird jargons! stop it as i don't even know what
ya' talking about.

i'll stop.
thanks for trusting me to make you spent your time reading this
untrusworthy writings.

your trustfully.

Thursday, June 15, 2006


life is quite different.
things going like wheels. i look at the sky and saw bluish sky and white clouds.

suddenly i felt hopes. and life above the wheel that always round and round.

just went from LHDN and get my agreement documents stamped. the 1st time i guess fill in that particular PDS 1 form.

get other jobs to be solved. other responsibles to be accomplished.
somehow felt lonely in a way,when all these things have to be solved at your own. and you don't have particular person that really want to spend time to talk with. have to be on your own. own effort as you/me are the one who will enjoy if it's a success. suffer if it gonna be less (na'uzubiLLah).

but talking to someone really cheer me up. though it's not really significant to other people eyes'.

and talking with Skype won't really work well. verbal,face to face communication works then.

Wednesday, June 14, 2006

ms-Real-time open source activity stats

Subversion and CVS activities monitored on commits:

Klik sini

Thursday, June 08, 2006

Of Doctors and Lawyers

Some people don't understand doctors. Well I don't. I stay in my house with my friend-and he is practicing medical doctor. He do locum(part time @ clinic) and he experienced on call. And did befriended with a doctor too(she's married btw). But I still don't understand. And you tell me how and why should I understand it.
And they-the doctor ask me to understand them once. But I don't. And I don't want. But there might be reasons in the future for me to force myself to understand that.

Then come lawyers. Some lawyers advised me to lodge report because of the motorbike that being paid under my name being brought away by my "friend". So they advised my to lodge for stolen motobike. So what's the big deal. No big deal if they got you did false report. Two years in jail. Good for you. One girl who now is a deputy attorney general (AG) told me just let ourself to seems stupid and steady but not get caught.

By teh way,I got my motorbike back. Stupid Kriss scooter. Got a lot of maintenance,timing belt-RM130,battery-RM90. But nice. I paid RM215 for 4 years because of false trust to people. Imagine that the motobike that I trust my name and yeah-payslip to put on being used to experienced 18,000km for only 6 months. My cute and pretty Satria 1.3 just 13,000km then.

Doctor-hi paid, but Malaysian system needs them to accomplish two years of housemanship. So what.

Lawyer-Nyeh. No comment. Advise me. But me who decide.
Just got the offer letter

Just went back from Putrajaya. Going up to level 5 Parcel E (KPT) and asked for my SLAB letter. Huhu. Kindof weird. Last time I served people at Parcel C-yeah sysadmin stuffs. Today I am here as part of them(people to be served). Hehe. Then there goes teh offer letter stated my name,my incoming university(USM!) and.. all the agreement stuffs need to be signed.

Parcel B-Mampu.
Met one friend there and had a lunch. Herm, I just want to tell how can I get there before I got my stomach filled. First, I observed for Parcel E,then D,then C... and where B goes? Uh.uh. So there goes me myself in front of the Putrajaya mosque. Call for alert. and arrived. hehe. Unlike the other parcel's building Parcel B's security protocol need ya to exchange your ID with the visitor's card at the main gate itself.

Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Lost in Translation [TM]

Just chat and put a phrase on translation. I grew with KDE but not really using it since I am hooked with WindowMaker. Not that I don't like it but I only want to use application that I want to make use of.

Just want to refresh my memory. I was not committing SVN for quite sometime,and I don't remember the command. So I google my kde-i18n mail. And accidentally I also read the old mail which writter since 3 years ago... among of them:

1] Worrying to much on KDE ms_MY inclusion
2] Fuzzy
3] No chemistry
4] Merging
5] Where to go?
6] W00t! It's SSH Tunnelling!
7] Building KDE from CVS
8] Minimum was obligatory
Mass defacement puts Turkey on the map

DBmail [You got mailed]

Last nite I just went to Br Hafnie's Linux class. Thought it's going to be a basic class and I hope I can read journals for my writings at the back. Doh. It's mail server class and it's in the small cube and... it's DBmail!!!

Thanx for the hot pancake introduction. Since Br Haris had organize this kind of class for almost ONE year... and it's feaseable for me to come in since the range and diameter still in middle or nearby KL-I'm thinking to be a consistent audience..hehe.

Man, I have to read teh journal[s]. Huhu. Focus.

Later he[hafnie] assigned one of the guys there for egroupware installation[funny to see .svn file being dumped into teh tarball. No wonder it took soooo long to unextract.haha]. Last time @ old workplace I used to play around with Phpgroupware.
Another wonder-why .deb phpgroupware was harder to configure and make it worked compared to the tarball? Any clue guys?

And nite class always ended with hot teh tarik@mamak stall. Klise.


Monday, June 05, 2006

Playing with Define

I hate it when it's illustrating the truth
I hate it when it define the words well
I hate it when it's all going to draw the full picture




Saturday, June 03, 2006

When I offline

Yesterday I got my workplace's somekind of Islamic course. Well to summarize it comprises HR strategic and team bind stuff which is cool. And after that I got myself thrown few kilos of bowling balls to Alamanda Putrajaya's bowling lane. Haha. I think the last time I played this game was about 2 months ago. It seems that my skill does not really bad since I still can do some strike,spare and of course longkang to throw balls into. Kind off cool.

And it was the first time@alamanda. Nice shops. But it seems different compared to KLCC/One Utama huhu. Just wondering how this place looks like during long holidays since it is in Putrajaya where government offices located.

Today-yeah just went back from Sunway lagoon. Usually I went to the bowling place-or just walking around looking for people do ice skating. But the it's time to wet! hehe. My workplace organize such a happening event for us and including those who have kids-it's worth to spend your time. Else-nothing much to tell about.

And... I have to finish my research proposal writings.... :-]

see ya!

Friday, June 02, 2006

Salam dari Yogjakarta

Bahtiar Rifai( ialah sahabat online dari Yogjakarta,Indonesia

(11:17:07) bahtiar_rifai: SALAM JUGA, SAYA BAEK2 SAHAJA, SAAT GEMPA
(11:17:40) john doe: okey
(11:17:53) john doe: saat ada gempa aku terus teingat sama bahtiar di
(11:18:06) john doe: sekarang ini kamu di mana sih?
(11:18:29) bahtiar_rifai: TERIMA KASIH NAJMI, SAYA ADA DI JAKARTA
(11:19:19) john doe: rumah mu bagaimana?
(11:21:32) bahtiar_rifai: RUMAH SAYA BAEK-BAEK SAHAJA ... SANAK

sewaktu saya mendapat berita tentang gempa bumi itu,saya di bagan
datoh perak,baru plan nak makan soto ayam.