DBmail [You got mailed]

Last nite I just went to Br Hafnie's Linux class. Thought it's going to be a basic class and I hope I can read journals for my writings at the back. Doh. It's mail server class and it's in the small cube and... it's DBmail!!!

Thanx for the hot pancake introduction. Since Br Haris had organize this kind of class for almost ONE year... and it's feaseable for me to come in since the range and diameter still in middle or nearby KL-I'm thinking to be a consistent audience..hehe.

Man, I have to read teh journal[s]. Huhu. Focus.

Later he[hafnie] assigned one of the guys there for egroupware installation[funny to see .svn file being dumped into teh tarball. No wonder it took soooo long to unextract.haha]. Last time @ old workplace I used to play around with Phpgroupware.
Another wonder-why .deb phpgroupware was harder to configure and make it worked compared to the tarball? Any clue guys?

And nite class always ended with hot teh tarik@mamak stall. Klise.



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