In God we trust everyone else pays


i just want to put my words here since this mail is silent. so silent
and when i looked into the sky i'm thinking i much like a white
feather being brought by the wind going anywhere without purpose
without sound without interference.


hehe. betrayal is a breach of trust. mangkuk that being brought to
melati's house is a case study. for you for sure. and i don't even
want to remember it as it was a @$$@. really @$@$@. a metamorphosis of
human being to a @$@@$^%$% .or human waste.

don't trust anyone easily. but blood or by money.
but people always asking for money. nak itu nak ini. like we get it
easily celah gigi.

when we helped people,we always thought that we did that for Allah.
what if the people we helped intentionally and emotionally exploited us?

and we helped them with trust?
put trust to trashcan. because trust is no longer exist.

but i need trust to find surety for my study leave. hehe.
at least i need someone else trust.
at least to me.

measuring trust.
how can we trust people.
trust is a gamble
because say a marriage
it is a contract
but there are lots of divorce cases
for the marriage between two people who TRUST each other
end up with contract breach or termination
so trust is a process
process of maintaining trushworthy.

i trust you since i know you for at least 3 years
is it mean you can be trusted for another 20? 10 years?
no assurance.
like i said
trust is a process
much like in computer security
security is a process
eh i forgot
trust also includes security
so security is a subset of trust
that's why we have trusted computing.
hey stop,you talking weird jargons! stop it as i don't even know what
ya' talking about.

i'll stop.
thanks for trusting me to make you spent your time reading this
untrusworthy writings.

your trustfully.


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