Just got the offer letter

Just went back from Putrajaya. Going up to level 5 Parcel E (KPT) and asked for my SLAB letter. Huhu. Kindof weird. Last time I served people at Parcel C-yeah sysadmin stuffs. Today I am here as part of them(people to be served). Hehe. Then there goes teh offer letter stated my name,my incoming university(USM!) and.. all the agreement stuffs need to be signed.

Parcel B-Mampu.
Met one friend there and had a lunch. Herm, I just want to tell how can I get there before I got my stomach filled. First, I observed for Parcel E,then D,then C... and where B goes? Uh.uh. So there goes me myself in front of the Putrajaya mosque. Call for alert. and arrived. hehe. Unlike the other parcel's building Parcel B's security protocol need ya to exchange your ID with the visitor's card at the main gate itself.


abughryb said…
Ko lunch dgn Su tak ajak aku. :-) mmg pun, wat pe ajak aku. :-P
mnajem said…
aku lunch ngan faiza le. su kat umah,shift petang.

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