Danga Bay, Chevrolet Optra and bio...(eh?)

I thought it was Debian(haha).

My colleague point me to the AirAsia flight turbin and he told me,

"Macam debian punya logo"

I saw a spiral on top the turbin blades. Pretty much like Debian Logo

That's spark me to shoot for a pix. And I was warned by the airport staff. Uh,uh. Flash lamp will spark burst,eh?

I was presented my "mock" research proposal. Suggested "Profiling Bioinformatics Application Behavior on Distributed Computing Architecture". Eh, will this gonna be bioinformatics specific or hardware optimization specific.or?

Flashback: I spent almost a week at the office. When it's Subh azan,went back to my house for bath and pray.
Reading all the journals and papers was not funny,really. Tough eye balls. No world cup. Ewh. And have some VCD lure. Uh,uh. you gonna be kidding.

Anyway, I learned a lot and UTM SLAB Research Course is no joke. Really. My proposal has been corrected with comments so I have to rewrite a bit and resend for my SLAB certificate. You tell me where on M'sia is other university is doing this? So, be serious on your SLAB proposal writings and spent little time suffers for rewrite. (and of course when it's your call for real Masters/Phd-rewrite is a traumatic moment).

Yesterday after the presentation we went out for Danga Bay. (luckily got Chevrolet Optra rented for RM160 a day so we can going out to have lunch. otherwise spent your tense day in the airport,trapped).Eat sweeeeet icecream. Of course not for diabetic person.

Back to KL@10.20pm. Flight delayed. Why AirAsia's flight always delayed-at least for my day,it was twice? Call for flight renewal?


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