life is quite different.
things going like wheels. i look at the sky and saw bluish sky and white clouds.

suddenly i felt hopes. and life above the wheel that always round and round.

just went from LHDN and get my agreement documents stamped. the 1st time i guess fill in that particular PDS 1 form.

get other jobs to be solved. other responsibles to be accomplished.
somehow felt lonely in a way,when all these things have to be solved at your own. and you don't have particular person that really want to spend time to talk with. have to be on your own. own effort as you/me are the one who will enjoy if it's a success. suffer if it gonna be less (na'uzubiLLah).

but talking to someone really cheer me up. though it's not really significant to other people eyes'.

and talking with Skype won't really work well. verbal,face to face communication works then.


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