a walk to remember....


just to write something.. 1st i try to make it in english though seems
poyo. who cares. better than ikan puyu in a sense. ehheheehe...

life a bit(well,a lot) hectic these days... i'm counting my days to
minden. afraid,joy,tired all those feelings mixed. afraid since i
gonna do my masters-and i have to score so that my sureties/guarantors
and of course me will not worry about the scholarship.

tired-since i did slept in office for almost a week.finishing
literature review.bulk of journals printed(almost a stack) to
read.then crunching all the infos to create 20pages of mock research
proposal.jpa need them. utm really serious for this kind of thing.
suffer lor. so if you got chance to go for SLAB soon,think twice or
thrice. you'll go this stage-sleepless nite. ;-)

and AWP muktamar.need to do report. bro hilwani asked for report. but
i can't make this time. because i do all this thing alone. report
financial somehow i also have to do it. Awp meeting also i've to
attend. so i'm a superman.
during this hectic period also have to sell dinner's ticket(rabbani
shows on this saturday's nite at anjung).. so here i am.the superman
come to the rescue.well,to be exact the lonely clark kent without lana

(ticket sent to dr saiful n bro zul,i let them sell since i'm not
meeting people except dumb machines and few technicians.afterwards go
to their house and ask-how many tickets sold? how many left?)

sent all the tickets-got half sold. 20 tickets to be sell,each for
rm70. only half sold. the rest i sent back to sri al huda. try to
smile though i'm really tired.really really tired.

working in parallel. got sleepless nite. so i'm a bit emotionally
unstable.huhu. next week have to go to Regional comp science
conference @ usm...(in a sense i want to survey the place before the
registration day. but i actually can omit this conference and stay at
k-zack's-pepias house-he's working @ intel by the way).sms him="aku
nak lepak rumah ko).

i think i do a mistake by going there since a lot of pre-master work
to be settled.got three form to be filled out.stamping here and there.
meet people here and there. but since MY car will go to penang and two
other female staffs desperately ask me to go there(since if by flight
they gonna get transportation problem.hard to get cabs.apalah penang ni).

today,finishing slides for utm.morning flight. restless days... an
initial kickstart! will go to parcel b again,sending all the agreement
letters to jpa.

i told my sister last nite(she's surety/guarantor numero uno
#1).sometimes i felt that it's easier if i go by my own money.and she
said(and i already know)-if you by your own pocket money you've to
work. but for jpa scholarship-your salary and allowance are
running,you got extra study allowance,and your study being financed.so
it's a hard start. it means i've to really serious-concentrating. this
stage actually experienced by bro yusri and bro wadi also.. not really
make much difference. except bro wadi going straight for phd after
masters.so no re-fill of the same stage of burearacy.

enaff said.
walk the talk.


surety #2. i'll meet you today.


insan said…
Salam...all d best 4 ur master programme.....

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