When I offline

Yesterday I got my workplace's somekind of Islamic course. Well to summarize it comprises HR strategic and team bind stuff which is cool. And after that I got myself thrown few kilos of bowling balls to Alamanda Putrajaya's bowling lane. Haha. I think the last time I played this game was about 2 months ago. It seems that my skill does not really bad since I still can do some strike,spare and of course longkang to throw balls into. Kind off cool.

And it was the first time@alamanda. Nice shops. But it seems different compared to KLCC/One Utama huhu. Just wondering how this place looks like during long holidays since it is in Putrajaya where government offices located.

Today-yeah just went back from Sunway lagoon. Usually I went to the bowling place-or just walking around looking for people do ice skating. But the it's time to wet! hehe. My workplace organize such a happening event for us and including those who have kids-it's worth to spend your time. Else-nothing much to tell about.

And... I have to finish my research proposal writings.... :-]

see ya!


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