Of Doctors and Lawyers

Some people don't understand doctors. Well I don't. I stay in my house with my friend-and he is practicing medical doctor. He do locum(part time @ clinic) and he experienced on call. And did befriended with a doctor too(she's married btw). But I still don't understand. And you tell me how and why should I understand it.
And they-the doctor ask me to understand them once. But I don't. And I don't want. But there might be reasons in the future for me to force myself to understand that.

Then come lawyers. Some lawyers advised me to lodge report because of the motorbike that being paid under my name being brought away by my "friend". So they advised my to lodge for stolen motobike. So what's the big deal. No big deal if they got you did false report. Two years in jail. Good for you. One girl who now is a deputy attorney general (AG) told me just let ourself to seems stupid and steady but not get caught.

By teh way,I got my motorbike back. Stupid Kriss scooter. Got a lot of maintenance,timing belt-RM130,battery-RM90. But nice. I paid RM215 for 4 years because of false trust to people. Imagine that the motobike that I trust my name and yeah-payslip to put on being used to experienced 18,000km for only 6 months. My cute and pretty Satria 1.3 just 13,000km then.

Doctor-hi paid, but Malaysian system needs them to accomplish two years of housemanship. So what.

Lawyer-Nyeh. No comment. Advise me. But me who decide.


Anonymous said…
hai najem,
macam dah tersangkut pada doktor je... try your best...
it's not an easy job for u to understand... i have a friend, she's a doctor, very strong ang committed... knowing her since childhood, tak sangka jadi dktor... even though she's very bz with oncall, banyak duit, but she still spend her quality time with the family...
mnajem said…
aiyo. i was once.dulu la. sekarang aku nye housemate doktor gak.

they-once ask me whether to consider them to be my "future" .hehe.

but still the reasons that comes to me not that strong to make myself convinced:

2-me myself to complement

Anonymous said…
i'm a doctor, currently servicing in a govt hosp. tak perlu memaksa diri nak memahami kerja doktor ni macam mana, i'm sure you wont understand...
just open up your mind and accept people as what they are...

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