Saturday, June 14, 2008

[darknet-cymru] meet ryan conolly

I volunteering myself in any way for Cymru's Darknet Project. Actually before I attended Ryan's talk in Westin Hotel Imbi, I already read about the Cymru, IMS and CAIDA stuffs but hardly to get the picture. Now that since Ryan replying my emails and why not for a meetup.

So I asked Sharuzzaman to accompany me and we met just 11am this morning. Wow, it lasts around 3 hours, as if there was a business negotiation (laugh). Ryan nicely shared his experiences and darknet's implementation stuffs.

So I offered him whether it's possible for educational JV and why not for a "academic" talk on Darknet/security advosaries stuffs. Hope you'll arrive here in Gombak, I'll arrange a slot for, if possible. Students would be happy then.

Script to create and resize to 640x480 resolution that I used for pix above:

for i in *.jpg;do convert -size 640x480 -font helvetica -fill white -pointsize 16 -draw 'text 10,550 "Meeting with Darknet-Cymru Ryan Conolly@Starbuck KLCC 14 June 2008"' $i new-$i;done

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