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The admission committee makes the decision in October
for spring admission
and in January for fall admission for applicants
who have submitted their
You must decide on your own whetherto apply
or not.

Make sure you met the admission requirements
listed here:


Department of Computer Science
Lawson Computer Science Building
Room 1137 B
Purdue University
305 North University Street
West Lafayette, IN 47907-2107

Phone: (765)494-xxxx
Fax: (765)494-xxxx

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From: me
Sent: Wednesday, June 25, 2008 6:25 AM
To: R
Subject: Re: Phd in CS/Cerias

Hello, I would like to know how do you select the students,
since I've to
pay USD55 for the application-so I've to be sure that
chances probability
to get in.

I ask this since CERIAS did not require GRE results
for admission, but it
seems that the it received quite a number
of applications.

If I got a place secured in Purdue,
I'll be sponsored by the government of
Malaysia, the sponsorships stipulating
the student's fee, living allowance
etc for the whole study period.

Plan to begin mid of 2009.

Thanks :-)

comment: No, I do not think worth it to gamble.. better go elsewhere.. be your own hero... rather spending your hard-earned bucks for unsure stuffs... ahahahaa


Eugene said…
All students are charged an application fee to help cover processing costs. As it is, there are many thousands of applications to the university each year.

Applications for grad programs at Purdue are considered by committees of faculty. They look at issues such as transcripts of grades, quality of undergrad program, the student essays, and especially the recommendations. Scores on tests are examined -- especially TOEFL -- and some departments look at GRE scores.

The admissions committee picks the students who the committee believes will do well in the program. If there are more qualified candidates than there are positions in the incoming class, then the students are ranked by the committee and the top ones taken to fill out the class.

If you meet the minimum requirements for a program, whether you get accepted depends on how many other people apply that year, and how you rank among them (if there are a lot).
mnajem said…
Hello eugene.
I guess you're one of the Purdue personnel?

Thanks replying.

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