Phd Quest? :=p

It's royal pain in the back (weh, it should be harsher). Sent e-mails to the prospective supervisor.. asking for updates..

Edith Cowan Univ: My friend said better go for public univ in Western AU.. but I did checked in Wiki ECU is a public univ.. well said, since ECU having good time doing research in network security... asked and the Dr said please apply..

Victoria Wellington: NOT YET!

     Dear mnajem,
Sure.... I am happy to supervise you.
Have you already applied to
RMIT International?
As you will starting in next year,
it would be great to do some
english courses for reading and writing,
even if you have a good IELTS.

I am currently a research project in the area
of security in "X"
systems (with other schools - Engineering and Maths),
sponsored by
the university.
It involves the protection of entreprise//"X"
networks again all the various attacks.
IDS are one of the
techniques, but there are other ones.
The security researchers in RMIT did pretty much VERY QUICK YET MADE ME LIVING WITH A JOY in a short while.. aha.... might be I am destined for RMIT ahahaa

Previously before he responded actually I did email his pal as well, he responded:

Dear mnajem
Thanks for your inquire. Your research interest fits into my group.
However, I'm not
involved in the application procedure.
Please contact our program coordinator Vic on
this CC list for further advice. Good luck,

Which means.. for now I will concentrate on realizing getting in RMIT.. RMIT at least get ranked in THES you know... though as you know 4 season in .au is a no no... huhu... why get yourself cold in snow : you've to pay gas for the heater. Get yourself somewhere tropica alike and mix around with that mat saleh.. however it seems my prospective SV is Asian-alike living in Mat Saleh land...

*just had meeting.. now somebody in my room doing make-up coursework stuff...


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