Nice Updates

-I'm in the office of Deputy Dean Student Affair now. For some unknown reason I was being appointed. Work as usual.

-Will attend marriage course this week.. pfft I chose to go outside which worth RM80 because I'm too shy for RM20 course provided along with the student. Well, you know, I might get my face red ... blushing haha.

-For the Phd Quest(as what Usin said), yesterday Dr Colin told me he will ask for Dr George Mohay consideration for my application... hopefully I can get the answer faster. Victoria Wellington still yet to answer my email.. be patient.

To my fellow friend, I'll be happy if you can come to my hometown in Perak.. ;)

(Well, just wondering who'll drop to my blog anyway.. the traffic feeds seems so busy but hardly to get my writings commented)



nhusna said…
haha..sanggup tu amek marriage course brharga rm80..hikhik
nnt dh walimah, jgn luper jemput..
SysAdmin said…
Congrats for
1) naik pangkat.
2) your relationship which looks getting better and better, hope to see you getting married soon.
mnajem said…
thanks, husna dan irwan :-)

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