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Since the commenter using blogger's profile but I can't access his blog, this Prof might suits the profile > here

What an honour to have his visit to my lair here.. anyway this were his words:

All students are charged an application fee to help cover processing costs. As it is, there are many thousands of applications to the university each year.

Applications for grad programs at Purdue are considered by committees of faculty. They look at issues such as transcripts of grades, quality of undergrad program, the student essays, and especially the recommendations. Scores on tests are examined -- especially TOEFL -- and some departments look at GRE scores.

The admissions committee picks the students who the committee believes will do well in the program. If there are more qualified candidates than there are positions in the incoming class, then the students are ranked by the committee and the top ones taken to fill out the class.

If you meet the minimum requirements for a program, whether you get accepted depends on how many other people apply that year, and how you rank among them (if there are a lot).

p/s: We need more Malaysian doing phd degress in United States... for real!


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