[clam-av and nepenthes]

Sharuzzaman mentioned to me that instead of using virustotal, we can help clam-av (which however given on Windows, I prefer to use AVG since Clam-av definition considered pretty much obselete), to update clam-av's virus definition. However, if you refer to my previous post, AVG on Linux detect less malware compared to Clam-av.

This is awesome! Means that, the new malware that I got from the junkyard in /var/lib/nepenthes, given it was/*they were* signaled by Clam-av as "OK" I must send them straight away. (Well, if you have spare time. Consider this as your social community service ;) ).

Though the submission per person restricted only up to TWO files only, you can manually email the personnel to send more than that.

Interested to help? Send using this form

Sample submission report (both malware accepted), click here

Submission-ID: 3434478
Sender: nama aku
Added: Trojan.SdBot-8639
Virus name alias:
Net-Worm.Win32.Kolabc.aws (Kaspersky AVP),
Packer.XComp.A (Bitdefender)

Submission-ID: 3278336
Sender: nama aku
Added: Trojan.SdBot-8638
Virus name alias:
Net-Worm.Win32.Kolabc.afj (Kaspersky AVP),
Packer.XComp.A (Bitdefender)


Cool! :)

You already registered your name as ClamAV sample contributor :D

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