Cry for commit!

Since my KDE Localization(L10n) commit was last Feb 2005, I try to revive back my 'commit' skill ,plus with extra dosed paracetamol and no-no Pfitzer pyshophathic non-encapsulated dehydration drugs powder. Here is the most "w00t" I done;

Sending a private SSH key in a non-encrypted mail means that anyone
could have
read it on the way. Don't ever ever send a private SSH key to anyone.

Please create a new ssh key pair, and send us *only* the public one.


Since I already forgot my keypair passphrase, I have to create all those again; and yet, I found out that I already lost my knowledge-which key to be sent-dude!

$svn co svn+ssh://


U messages/kdelibs/kdeprint.po
A messages/kdelibs/ktexteditor_docwordcompletion.po
U messages/kdelibs/kio.po
U messages/kdelibs/libkscreensaver.po
U messages/kdelibs/cupsdconf.po
A messages/kdelibs/kioexec.po
A messages/kdelibs/kstyle_plastik_config.po
U messages/kdelibs/kabc_dir.po
U messages/kdenetwork/desktop_kdenetwork.po
U messages/kdenetwork/kopete.po
U messages/extragear-toys/desktop_extragear-toys_kfortune.po
U messages/kdemultimedia/desktop_kdemultimedia.po
D messages/temp
Checked out revision 490750.

I will commit my KDE SVN repository again,after months! Yeay!


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