Distributed Computing

I send my application for my Masters to IPS (Institute Pengajian Siswazah), USM last few weeks. Just got the reply card. Looking at my study leave application, seems that I have to accompany my course outline with the form.

Migrating from Bachelor degrees to Masters-a lot of term that is 'alien' to me=

  • independent study
  • research
I choose 'Distributed Computing' as my area of specialization. Reasons? I always like the idea how computers can improve human's health, figuring out how to compute complex algorithm of certain medical disease calculation. One project that still run on my machine, and will run until I don't want(or Allah-for sure) it to run is;

Folding Project

Though the project's code is not available, I put trust for my machine to run this stuff. Nice. But I wasn't sure whether it's actually run the said calculation or I am helping CIA to track world's wanted terrorist. Duh.

Hopefully I can do excellent research on this stuff for my masters. Long way to go, I called IPS USM and they said; start at July 2006.



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