Gentoo Pr0bl3mr4m4!
To Gentoo amateur such me, having GCC upgrade was a headache. After upgrading to gcc 3.4.4 and did *alotof* googling esp Gentoo Forum, I think I exhausted already. Emotionally unstable, what I did was "emerge --prune" . Doh. It was the worst act I bet. And I got some deadlines.

Reinstall. Experience years before thought me to have my /home in separate partition. Lucky.LOL(Laughing Out Loud).

With stage 3 installation,plus experiences in doing installation,alhamduliLLah, I got my box up and X running well(surprising it probes automatically,without having me to run XFreee86 --configure or such). My box up and go well again in almost 2 days semi-concentration installation(I have to concentrate to other job,right).

Yeah,it was *royal* pain.



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