Am I an atheist?

"I just filled in a form which states my religion as “No Religion”. So am I considered an atheist?

An atheist is a person who denies the existence of god. I do believe in a universal God but not religion. I feel that religions are man made and it’s faiths, believes and customs are the results of human interpretation. We all know the consequences of misinterpretation.

Do not think I have no respect for religions. I believe everyone has their right of choice. It’s only despicable when they force/cheat someone into it or badmouth other religions. I would not believe anyone’s God would approve of that.

So what do you call a person who believes in God but not in religion?"

Excerpts from here


Mohd Jeffry said…
kat bincang dot net pun ada mention benda ni hari nie
mnajem said…
yap, kebetulan. kat gentoo page tu same person,toxic

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