Packing up stuffs. Get ready to move. Asking towkeys for box. Got few with no costs, but since I'm refused to ask the same towkey then I go for another shop. He charged me RM0.30 each box taken. I took 4. Well, I'm quite generous in some sense.

Sent another copy of my writings for hard-cover binding. The amoi charged me RM28. Well, my writings actually did not fit well with hard cover so she can't put my name at the cover's side. So let it be in the front. Golden color mini thesis cover with my name written in uppercase-golden color.
It'll take 3 days to accomplish so I have to stay here doing something.. i.e prepare for my job.

Next, photocopied my letter so that I can ask for the copy to be certified. It went well, except they can't certified the print out copy of any result. Not yet I guess. So, this is out of my prediction.

Oh, I've to wait for 2nd hand shop to buy my 1 month newspaper collections. I guess I'll gain around RM3-4. Enough to let my car for automated wash.



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