Deep thought indeed. I am counting days to end my study here. If things happened as planned, I'll be back to my job as before. Well, with new responsibilities and tasks, I hope that I'm effective to accomplish tasks.

The question is, what will I face in the incoming tasks. But as time goes by, I'm sure that I can adapt to it. At least for the time being I try to do so.


It's fun to answer people who question me back. You plan to buy Viva(which they mean, newly announced Malaysian car)
Obviously putting "preparing for viva, or I'll have my viva soon" leads to "wow ko beli viva ke?"
I'll have my viva soon. A bit depressed. Nervous as well. Just wondering what kind of question gonna be asked. What sort of inquiries, do they drill my writings, do they satisfied with my work.
Do my work simple enough? Do they need me to do corrections?

Bah. It doesn't sounds comfortable for me. Watching anime "Death Note" didn't help as well.

Erm thinking to post in the next writings. How to get back my RM1,500 back. Yesterday I repaired my car, replacing new tyre, new timing belt, new air filter and it costs me RM390.

So, credit card helps here. Since I desperately need to change my spectacle. The screw loosen already. No choice. I've to keep my charm pretty stable, otherwise put celluloid tape to it.
But it doesn't seems appropriate.


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