It's a long day

Just went back from Kangar yesterday as I attended Najdah's wedding. Well she's smile as always, for sure she's happy since she'll spend one month there-honeymoon? .

A long trip anyway,it took me from 12pm to 7pm to reach back to Penang. Since I've to drop by another wedding along with Tabien at Gurun.

The trip seems okay at first,not when I want to go back to Penang. First, I had difficulty to start my engine. I just replaced the battery, it seems something else going wrong. No ignition sound from the engine.

And later, when I reached to one traffic light while still in Kangar town, I mistakenly pull of the clutch early, and the engine went off. Obviously I've to start the engine back. And it went as what I said above, no sounds and I've to push my car to leftside. Luckily later Tabien start off the engine and we all went back into car and I drove back to go back to hiway.

That's not the end. Upon reaching to Seberang Jaya, I got my left rear tyre punctured. As far as I can remember, last time I had this situation last year when I went back to KL. I had it on MRR2, in front of Ampang Putri SC. Well, this time here at the northern part of Malaysia. Co-incidently, PLUS Ronda drop by but since we can manage to do it ourself, he just look and give some tips since my car is 2nd hand car,and all these tools that I got was actually some other people's left over when I was moving from Melati's house. And the Melati house currently renovated with new looks since it got new owner. Thus, some of the tools that had to be thrown out being used as my tools now. Obviously I don't have enough money to buy all these things in a shot.

Well,it seems the travel to Kangar took this amount:
Fuel : RM50
Tolls: Penang-Kangar: RM14.20x2=RM28.40
Bridge Toll:RM5.60 (since I'm using TnG bought from the bridge's office).
Tyre:not yet replaced,tomorrow. last time i did changed when i had it on MRR2 it costs me around RM90

the trip took 160kmx2=320km++

bah. anyway,i was considering the trips is not any longer compared to when i going back to my hometown which took 300km per trip.

i plan to replace my spectacles. now i had all these expenses plus the maintainance that need to be done, i believe i'll spend;

rm60 for oil
rm12-15 for oil filter
rmX - for my car because it having problem with start-up
rm90-100 for new tyre.

i what's left for my future saving?

i know i'll spend some amount for my car maintainance.. but this amount is much like money drain.

good luck.


mohd amri said…
tips to buy a 2nd hand car.

1)ask from the owner to test drive the car

2)if interested bring the car to a reputable workshop and quote for complete 100% check

*from this point,expect the car to be brand new

3)apply for loan higher than quoted price for repair cost.

4)enjoy the car,and expect less hassle

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