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Duh. Finally I sent my mini-thesis reports. All 3 purple colored reports being sent just in time. Definitely I wish I can enjoy my rest of the days, watching the incoming movies, spending time enjoying latest Naruto/Bleach, drive my car out to nowhere, surfing internet as if there are no tomorrow(s). Well, things like that.

Anyway, writing reports actually was not easy as it seems. I have to obliged to indentation, colour, format etc. And, my laser printer can't print the reports cover so I have to spend RM0.60 for three copies at the Cyber station. Apart from that, I have 12 page of graph which I did by Gnuplot-and it need color printer. So I pay RM0.50 per copy and I smiling to myself since I got all these sheets colored. Then I goes to bind my reports and it costs me RM0.80 each. So all 3 reports printed,binded,labelled. Well, I believe I wrote some masterpiece when I still can breath. LoL.

Next, people ask me when I should pursue my study. I want to answer that, but right now, I believe a lot more questions I have to ask to myself. Well, let's just keep that for myself since I do not know people who'll read my blog since we are talking about bits and bytes now. Just to keep my writings going, one dude which trying to selling some stupid product called me this morning with dialogs as follows:

Dude: Hello Mr X, you are using Visa or Mastercard?
Me: (Who the heck are you, disturbing me on finishing my printing job. Go away). Yes, why?
Dude: Can I know whether you are using Visa or Mastercard?
Me: *gruntle* -I am not interesting to pursue this discussion. (Anything you want to say afterwards is considered marketing words).
Dude: I'm not selling anything .
Me: (Yeah, right. And who the heck gave my number to you, and HOW DO YOU GET MY NUMBER, DUDE?)

I believe my privacy being invaded. Does Malaysia has enough policy to protect its citizen privacy from this kind of people with cold-calles.

I'm using Celcom, and also this communication provider company did SPAM me with say, adverts like this:

AJOKE please put in this number and you will enter the heaven (i made a joke).

-I felt so disturbed. It didn't stop. This adverts messages, even from my Credit Card company with it's so called promotion bug my mood.

You are selected to withdraw up to 80% of your quota. Bla bla

-It didn't stop as well. I can bear if it once a month. But what if almost 5 a week? I believe I shouldn't give my handphone number to these sick capitalists so that they will SMS my fixed phone line and keep messaging that FIXED TELEKOM PHONE LINE. GOOD for you.

And stop SMS'ing me since you are PURE CAPITALIST that creates money by bugging people.

My writing ends here.


Anonymous said…
Malaysia has no privacy laws, nothing in the constitution explicitly protecting privacy and no malaysian case law to imply privacy laws (US is a bit different in the sense that although their constitution doesn't recognize privacy explicitly, there is case law indicating that privacy is implied in the constitution, hence privacy is considered one of their sacred institutions).

Malaysian government wanted to introduced a data retention act that introduces some privacy rights for citizens, but afaik it has been shelved many times due to industry lobbying against it. Of course, I may be woefully out of date on this information as last I heard about it was when I was taking the law course in university!

PakarCinta said…
Sabar bang, ko kena pandai control stress lah bila terjadi situasi macam ni. Anyway, good luck in your master :)

Anyway, aku pun selalu kena kacau dengan anonymous person/company berkaitan dgn credit card. Bapak aku pesan "JANGAN LAYAN!".

Pasal SMS joke dari Celcom tu, somehow aku dah tak diganggu lagi. Mungkin ko boleh komplen (pergi TM Point, hantar email kat CEO etc) lah.

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