I came across with gnuplot few days back when I was forced to generate a graph which portrayed memory and cpu usage for certain process with specific IDs. Gnuplot doesn't seems bad although I guess it was a little bit cryptic at first.

I did installed Gnuplot in my cygwin terminal as well. Anyway it seems that cygwin didn't have some tool that I need to work on and I believe that if I want to do any profiling task, just do it natively on *nix instead.

Well, I just put some of the important links here in case I need it afterwards:

Gnuplot tutorial

IMHO, Gnuplot is the best tool once you deal with lot of lines of data say, in text file log output. It really helps you I mean it. You can create the same graph(almost) in the spreadsheet such as Excel or Calc, but I think Gnuplot gives you more in term of customization and it really awesome. Dealing with hundreds, even thousands of data; I don't think you want to cut+paste all these within your spreadsheets. It doesn't really comfortable at least for me.

Try Gnuplot, hopefully you wouldn't regret.



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