Making people pleased

"Everybody lies"

Do you? Do we?
Try to hide the truth facts so that people pleased. And they feel comforted. Yet you suffering yourself try to accept what other people did to you.

It's normal.
Of course it was. It is. And it will. But the obvious effect of making people pleased is that you sacrificed something that you appreciate most. Or at least, you feel sad to sacrifice it. But do they know? Do they care? Do they appreciate? Do they even realize you actually making hard decision to please them, or he? or she?

Obvious reason. The art of playing chess is to sacrifice your pawn. For current being to achieve your ultimate goal you have to suffer now, cry now, sacrifice now. Regret now.
But does that guarantee you the joyful & cheer days later? Or you regret later. Worse, everlasting loser that God ever created.

This writings however, does not have any purpose. It was a writing. But, since it was written in English, so everyone reached these ASCII texts and their brains interpret these Roman characters and making conclusion.

I have a dream to write English literature. But then since I didn't score my IELTS tests with straight 9.0 (this means I don't want to give any hint how much did I scored), I can't be proud of my writings. It might be catastrophic. Or, it might be only understood by me. I can tell my writings full of grammatical typos. Or it was the best way to describe grammar-blind.

Why do WE exist?
To be a toy for someone else so that they can manipulate us?
To be a tool so that we can please people so that we can maintain our existence?


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